We've Been Awarded a Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation Preservation Grant!

The Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation has awarded FIU a Preservation Grant for "Preserving Rare Latin 78rpm Recordings from 1900 to 1929." The project, presented by sound and image librarian Veronica Gonzalez, will preserve valuable examples of Latin American heritage from various countries through the digitization of rare 78rpm sound recordings from 1900–1929, currently at the university's library. These musical styles include, but are not limited to, danzón, bolero, tango, cueca, rumba, foxtrot, son, aguinaldo, and guaracha. The entire press release can be found here:

Enter the "Hot Pepper Shakespeare" Contest on Feb. 1!

Calling brave volunteers! On February 1, the Green Library will host Hot Pepper Shakespeare, a fun event to kick off the First Folio's appearance, and we're looking for volunteers who will:

1. Eat a hot pepper (options will range from slightly spicy to insane)
2. Read a monologue/soliloquy/sonnet/or other short Shakespeare passage in its entirety with emotion and depth while suffering from the “slings and arrows of outrageous” amounts of capsaicin.

2nd annual library fair for faculty & staff

Come to the Second Annual FIU Library Fair for Faculty & Staff to step up your research and teaching in 2016. It’s time to meet and greet (and eat) at the library!

Speak with your librarian and visit our information stations to learn about the library resources, services, and specialized tools designed to help you with your research, teaching, and tenure and promotion documents. We will have refreshments, door prizes, and plenty of witty conversation, of course, plus a chance to be entered into our Grand Prize raffle.

Did you know that:

art exhibit "in deep with diatoms" to open on february 1st at bbc!

Looking for something to do to kick off the spring semester? Then join us on February 1st at the Hubert Library for the opening of "In Deep with Diatoms," an art exhibit featuring the work of Tropical Botanic Artists and Xavier Cortada that explores the beautiful world of algae through the eyes of artists and scientists. The event is part of the BBC Prestige Cultural and Educational Series.

There will be a panel discussion at 3:00 pm in room 175. The panel will be moderated by Xavier Cortada, Artist-in-Residence, FIU, and will feature