Love Story Comes Full Circle in Green Library

Most graduates get flowers or a nice dinner to mark the occasion. But Craig Del Mundo had something even more romantic in mind.

Del Mundo, an FIU grad who received his bachelor’s in Information Technology in 2013, wanted to surprise his girlfriend of five years, Danahlyn Tamola – who was set to receive her master’s of Business Administration from FIU (she had previously earned a bachelor’s in Psychology in 2011)– with an engagement ring.

A Granddaughter Discovers Her Grandather's Legacy

Denise Ciparro has been a mission - to find a copy of her grandather's lost novel. Felipe San Pedro wrote "Las Gafas del Gato y Otras Gaferias" in 1973, and Ciparro had spent months searching for the novel. Since her both her grandfather and Armintano, the original publisher who had published the book in Caracas, had both passed away, it was nearly impossible for her to find a copy. She contacted Harvard, but although the book was marked as in their system, there was no copy available. Finally, she found the book in the FIU Library catalog as an "in-process" title.

Gotta Catch 'Em All! A LibGuide to Becoming a Pokemon Master

You've probably heard of PokemonGO, the augmented reality app that lets thousands live out their long cherished dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master by catching Pokemon. But did you know that the FIU Libraries has created a libguide to help you catch 'em all? PokeGuide has a glossary, helpful tips on where to find Pokestops (there are over twenty on campus!) and gyms, and images of the Pokemon roaming around the Green Library, which happens to be a Pokestop! Remember to tag your images with #pokemonFIU, and have fun!

Tech Fees and the FIU Libraries

The announcement of the 2016-2017 tech fees are just around the corner! But what are tech fees, and how do the FIU LIbraries benefit from them?

Tech fees are university fees assessed on base tuition for undergraduate, graduate, law and medical students and used to enhance instructional technology resources for students and faculty. Tech fee proposals are submitted each year in the spring, reviewed by the Technology Fee Advisory Council, which makes recommendations as to which projects should be funded, and is ultimately approved or not by the Provost’s Office.